Barns, Boots, & Business Deals: Country Clad on Shark Tank & What Followed

Before Shark Tank

Alright, y’all, gather ’round, and let me spin ya a tale ’bout Mike Abbaticchio, a fella with a dream as big as the Texas sky. One night, when the crickets were the only sound, Mike got to thinkin’. He wanted to stitch together somethin’ for folks who’ve got mud on their boots but still want to look sharp for Sunday service. He dreamt of a that’d let folks wear their country pride right on their sleeves.

Now, Mike ain’t one to sit on a dream. He roped in his buddy, Shon Lees, and together they birthed the Country Clad . These two started right from the dirt, sellin’ t-shirts and hats from the back of their ol’ truck. They weren’t just sellin’ clothes; they were sellin’ a way of life, for folks who wake up to the rooster’s crow and believe in the value of hard work. Their gear quickly became a hit at rodeos, barn dances, and county fairs. And lemme tell ya, at their very first hoedown, they sold out quicker than moonshine at a dry county!

During Shark Tank

Word ’bout their spread faster than wildfire. Before they knew it, the Country Clad was gettin’ nods on the big screen, from ABC’s Shark Tank to the CMA Music Festival, and even on CMT’s My Big Redneck Vacation. Shon, wearin’ the hat of the CEO, steered the ship, makin’ deals and shakin’ hands, all while stayin’ true to his roots from Yankee Lake, Ohio.

Feelin’ the wind in their sails, Mike and Shon decided to dance with the big dogs and took their to the Shark Tank. They walked in, boots polished and hats tipped, askin’ for $50k for a piece of their country pie. They spoke with the fire of Southern passion, defendin’ the honor of the term “hill billy” and paintin’ a picture of a that had room to grow like wildflowers in spring.

The Sharks, smellin’ opportunity like fresh-baked apple pie, circled ’round. After a bit of jawin’ and some hard bargainin’, three of them Sharks – Robert Herjavec, Jeff Foxworthy (a true Southern gent), and Daymond John – threw their hats in the ring with an offer. After a bit of hagglin’, Mike and Shon shook on it.


After Shark Tank

But, like any good country ballad, there was a twist. The deal, as sweet as it sounded under the studio lights, didn’t quite pan out. But Mike and Shon, with grit and gumption, didn’t let that slow ’em down. By 2023, they’d expanded their range, from women’s wear to sweet teas that’d remind you of grandma’s porch. They even ventured into the world of spirits, introducin’ the Country Clad Bourbon and Country Clad Vine Whiskey, makin’ waves from Carolina to Colorado.

So there ya have it, the tale of two country boys with a dream, a truck, and the heart to make it big. Mike Abbaticchio and Shon Lees, with the Country Clad , remind us all that with a bit of grit and a whole lotta heart, the country spirit can’t be tamed.

Country Clad Interview After The Show

Watch Country Clad On Shark Tank S2-E4

Episode Recap: The Country Clad Hustle

In this riveting episode, we follow the journey of Mike Abbaticchio and Shon Lees, two country boys with a dream as vast as the open plains. From sellin’ t-shirts out of the back of their truck to pitchin’ their heart and soul in the Shark Tank, these fellas show us what true Southern grit looks like. With nods to rodeos, barn dances, and a that’s as country as apple pie, the Country Clad aims to dress those who wear their pride on their sleeves. But when the Sharks circle in, will Mike and Shon strike a deal or ride off into the sunset? Tune in to witness passion, negotiation, and a taste of the country spirit that just can’t be tamed.

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