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About Country Clad

Rustic, Wild & Country Proud

From the heart of Florida, ‘Country Clad’ brings to life a clothing line that’s as rugged and free-spirited as the countryside itself. Founded by Fernando Yemail and his family, our brand is a celebration of all things rustic, wild, and proudly country.

At ‘Country Clad’, we cater to everyone – adventurous kids, spirited women, and hardy men. Our collections capture the essence of country living: durable for the playful explorations of children, stylish and versatile for women, and tough yet comfortable for men.

Each piece from ‘Country Clad’ is a nod to the wild heart within us, a tribute to the untamed beauty of nature, and a symbol of our pride in the rustic, simple joys of country life. Join us in wearing not just a brand, but a way of life that honors the spirit of the countryside, no matter where you are.

Welcome to ‘Country Clad’ – where every garment is a piece of our country heart.

Country Hats

Rugged Fashion for True Outdoorsmen

Wrap yourself in the essence of the countryside with Country Clad’s collection of men’s t-shirts, hoodies, and hats. Our clothing isn’t just fabric; it’s a tribute to the timeless traditions and enduring spirit of rural life.Our t-shirts are like a warm breeze on a summer’s day, crafted from soft, breathable cotton with classic plaid patterns and vintage-inspired designs. They’re as dependable as your favorite pair of boots, whether you’re on the ranch or relaxing on the porch. When the evening chill rolls in, our hoodies offer warmth and style in one. Made with rugged durability, they stand up to outdoor adventures and late-night bonfires. With classic logos and rustic designs, our hoodies are the epitome of country cool. Complete your country look with our range of hats, from classic trucker caps to rustic snapbacks. They’re not just accessories; they’re a reflection of your country roots, shielding your eyes from the sun and keeping you warm on crisp mornings. At Country Clad, we understand that the country isn’t just a place; it’s a way of life. Our t-shirts, hoodies, and hats pay homage to hardworking folks who embrace the rural lifestyle and cherish its simple pleasures. So, whether you’re a seasoned cowboy or a city dweller looking to add a touch of country charm to your wardrobe, Country Clad has you covered. Discover the spirit of the countryside with Country Clad – Where Tradition Meets Style.”

Country T Shirts

Rugged Style for True Outdoorsmen

Welcome to the crossroads where country charm meets everyday comfort – our ‘Country Clad’ T-shirts are here to add a dash of rural bliss to your wardrobe. Crafted for folks who find joy in the simple melodies of a country tune and the quiet whisper of a creek, these T-shirts are more than fabric; they’re a celebration of country life.

Each shirt is as soft as morning mist over a meadow, with designs that bring to mind the sweet serenity of a lazy river or the untamed beauty of a mountain trail. They’re perfect for anyone whose soul is soothed by the strum of a guitar under an open sky or the sight of fireflies dancing at dusk. ‘Country Clad’ T-shirts aren’t just about dressing up; they’re about wearing your love for the rolling hills and starry nights on your sleeve.

Pull on one of these tees whether you’re lounging under a shade tree or heading out to the local hoedown. They’re your trusty companion for every country adventure or quiet moment soaking up the beauty of the great outdoors. ‘Country Clad’ T-shirts are where comfort meets the country – a cozy reminder of the heart-warming, down-home spirit we all cherish.

Country Hoodies

Country Soul in Every Stitch

Tip your hat to the timeless spirit of the countryside with our ‘Country Clad’ hats. These aren’t just any hats; they’re a nod to the soul of the country, where the skies are as wide as the smiles and the sunsets are as warm as the people. For those who feel the rhythm of country music in their hearts and the call of the wild in their souls, our hats are a perfect crown.

Crafted with the durability to withstand a day on the ranch and the style to shine at a country music festival, each hat is a blend of practicality and rural flair. They feature designs that echo the rolling hills, open fields, and the peaceful life away from the city’s hustle. Ideal for shading your eyes on a sunny day or adding that extra touch of country charisma to your outfit. ‘Country Clad’ hats are more than just a fashion statement; they’re a tribute to the simple pleasures and enduring spirit of country living.

Whether you’re out for a horse ride, attending a county fair, or just enjoying a quiet day by the lake, these hats are your faithful companion. They carry the essence of lazy river afternoons, porch swing evenings, and the untamed beauty of rural landscapes. Don your ‘Country Clad’ hat, embrace the country way of life, and let the world see the country star in you.

Country Sweatshirts

Country Soul in Every Stitch

Y’all, step right into the heart of country living with our ‘Country Clad’ sweatshirts. Each one’s stitched with the kind of love and care you’d find in a homemade quilt. We’re talking about sweatshirts that speak to those who find peace in the rustle of cornfields and the rhythm of a barn dance. These ain’t just clothes; they’re like a piece of country heaven you can wear.

Think of fabric as soft as a breeze over a wheat field, designs that remind you of nights under a sky full of stars. Our sweatshirts are perfect for anyone who’s ever felt the pull of a country road or the comfort of a porch swing at sunset. ‘Country Clad’ is more than a brand; it’s a way to carry a piece of the country, from cowboy boots to moonlit fields, wherever you wander.

Whether you’re sittin’ by a campfire or strolling through town, these sweatshirts are like a warm hug from the countryside. So pull on a ‘Country Clad’ sweatshirt, feel that country spirit wrap around you, and let the world know where your heart lies – right in the heart of the good ol’ countryside.


Embrace The Rustic, Relish the Wild

Embrace the Rustic, Relish the Wild” at ‘Country Clad’, where our collection brings the heart of country living to your wardrobe. For men, we offer rugged and durable clothing, perfect for those who value both functionality and style. Women will find pieces that blend grace and practicality, reflecting the strength and beauty of the countryside. Our kids and youth line is designed for comfort and adventure, ready for young explorers to create their own country tales. Every item in our collection is more than just clothing; it’s a celebration of the wild, free spirit that defines rural life. Join us in wearing not just a brand, but a lifestyle that cherishes the authenticity and vitality of the countryside.

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Country Clothing Gazette

Dive into the heart of country fashion with our ‘Country Clad Chronicles’, a blog series dedicated to celebrating the unique styles and stories within our community. In our “Customer Spotlights” feature, join us monthly as we showcase a ‘Country Clad Star’. Here, we highlight a beloved customer who not only rocks our apparel but also brings it to life in their everyday adventures. From ranch life to city streets, see how our customers integrate ‘Country Clad’ into diverse lifestyles, offering inspiration and real-life fashion insights. Simultaneously, our “Spotlights on Country Icons” segment delves into the rich tapestry of country fashion history. We pay tribute to both historical and contemporary country icons, exploring how their distinctive styles have left an indelible mark on country fashion. These posts are more than just retrospectives; they’re a journey through the legacy and evolution of country style that continues to inspire our brand and community.

Join us as we weave together the stories of our customers and the legends that have shaped country fashion. ‘Country Clad Chronicles’ isn’t just about clothing – it’s about the people, the history, and the enduring spirit that make up the fabric of our brand.

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